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Enthalpies of Formation of Dibutyl Phthalate and Methyl 4-Hydroxybenzoate



Yu V. Maksimuk, Kvetoslav Ruzicka, Vladimir Diky


Enthalpies of formulation of liquid dibutyl phthalate (DBP, -864.67+4.77 kJ*mol-1) and crystalline methyl 4-hydroxybenzoate (4-MHB, -562.20+2.29 kJ*mol-1) were determined by combustion calorimety. Relations of these values to the structures of the molecules are discussed.
International Journal of Thermophysics


combustion calorimetry, dibutyl phthalate, enthalpy of formation, methyl 4-hydroxybenzoate


Maksimuk, Y. , Ruzicka, K. and Diky, V. (2021), Enthalpies of Formation of Dibutyl Phthalate and Methyl 4-Hydroxybenzoate, International Journal of Thermophysics (Accessed July 17, 2024)


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Created October 12, 2021