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Enhancing Image Contrast Using Coherent States and Photon Number Resolving Detectors



Aaron Pearlman, Alexander E. Ling, Elizabeth A. Goldschmidt, Jingyun Fan, Christoph Wildfeuer, Alan L. Migdall


We experimentally map the transverse profile of diffraction-limited beams using photon number resolving detectors. We observe strong compression of diffracted beam profiles for high detected photon number. This effect leads to higher contrast than a conventional intensity profile between two Airy disk-beams separated by the Rayleigh criterion.
Optics Express


Quantum Metrology, Sub-Rayleigh Imaging, Photon Number Resolving Detector quantum metrology, sub-Rayleigh imaging, photon number resolving detector quantum metrology, sub-Rayleigh imaging, photon number resolving detector Quantum Metrology, Sub-Rayleigh Imaging: Photon Number Resolving Detector
Created March 15, 2010, Updated February 19, 2017