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Enhanced Quantum State Detection Efficiency Through Quantum Information Processing



T Schaetz, Murray D. Barrett, Dietrich G. Leibfried, Joseph W. Britton, J Chiaverini, Wayne M. Itano, John D. Jost, E Knill, Christopher Langer, David J. Wineland


We investigate theoretically and experimentally how quantum state-detection efficiency is improved by the use of quantum information processing (QIP). Experimentally, we encode the state of one 9Be ion qubit with one additional ancilla qubit. By measuring both qubits, we reduce the state-detection error in the presence of noise. The deviation from the theoretically allowed reduction is due to infidelities of the QIP operations. Applying this general scheme to more ancilla qubits suggests that error in the individual qubit measurements need not be a limit to scalable quantum computation.
Physical Review Letters


Schaetz, T. , Barrett, M. , Leibfried, D. , Britton, J. , Chiaverini, J. , Itano, W. , Jost, J. , Knill, E. , Langer, C. and Wineland, D. (2005), Enhanced Quantum State Detection Efficiency Through Quantum Information Processing, Physical Review Letters, [online], (Accessed March 2, 2024)
Created January 1, 2005, Updated February 17, 2017