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Engineering Safety, Applied Mechanics, and Nondestructive Evaluation



Jeffrey T. Fong, Owen F. Hedden


The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Pressure Vessels and Piping (PVP) Division, through its Materials and Fabrication Committee and Code and Standards Committee, sponsors a 2-day symposium on Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) in honor of Dr. Spencer H. Bush, whose life-long contribution to the advances in NDE science and engineering has been cited as the primary ingredient in ensuring the safe and reliable operation of the U.S. nuclear power plants since the early 1960s. This unique symposium has three objectives: (1) To pay tribute to Dr. Bush (1920-2005) for his enormous contribution to the advancement of engineering safety through NDE and inservice inspection. (2) To celebrate Dr. Bush's life by sponsoring a technical forum at an ASME PVP Conference, where recent advances in four specific topics of interest to Dr. Bush are discussed: (a) NDE and engineer- ing safety, (b) collection, analysis, prediction, and prevention of failure events, (c) NDE and seismic design criteria, and (d) risk- based rules within ASME codes and beyond. (3) To document the commemoration in the form of a symposium digest book con- taining tributes, testimonials, profiles, photos, list of Dr. Bush's accomplishments and publications, and short accounts of each symposium paper in the form of a reader's digest. Since all papers presented at this symposium appear in an ASME conference proceedings CD with copyrights fully reserved by ASME, the symposium organizing committee has instructed the editors of this book to include only original materials written either as a reader's digest of a copyrighted paper or a narrative of significant events in Dr. Bush's life. The Stanford Mechanics Alumni Club, a co-sponsor of this symposium, is the publisher of this digest book.
Proceedings Title
Proc. Digest of ASME 2007 Symposium in Honor of Dr. Spencer H. Bush (1920-2005)
Conference Dates
July 25-26, 2007
Conference Location
San Antonio, TX
Conference Title
ASME 2007 Symposium in Honor of Dr. Spencer H. Bush (1920-2005)


applied mechanics, codes & standards, engineering safety, nondestructive evaluation, nuclear power industry, Spencer Bush


Fong, J. and Hedden, O. (2007), Engineering Safety, Applied Mechanics, and Nondestructive Evaluation, Proc. Digest of ASME 2007 Symposium in Honor of Dr. Spencer H. Bush (1920-2005), San Antonio, TX (Accessed June 22, 2024)


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Created July 26, 2007, Updated January 27, 2020