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Energy Levels and Spectral Lines of Ne VIII



Alexander Kramida, M-C Buchet-Poulizac


All experimental data on the valence-shell-excited and inner-shell-excited spectra of Li-like neon, including previously unpublished beam-foil spectroscopy data, have been compiled and critically evaluated. Seventeen spectral lines have been newly identified. Sets of recommended energy levels have been derived from the total list of observed lines and from selected results of theoretical and semi-empirical calculations. An accurate value of the ionization potential has been derived from existing theoretical calculations.
European Physical Journal D


atomic data, energy levels, fine and hyperfine structure, ionization potentials, semi-empirical and empirical calculation, spectral lines, visible and ultraviolet spectra


Kramida, A. and Buchet-Poulizac, M. (2006), Energy Levels and Spectral Lines of Ne VIII, European Physical Journal D, [online], (Accessed June 21, 2024)


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Created June 7, 2006, Updated November 10, 2018