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Energetics of spin-flop and spin-flip transitions in homogeneous antiferromagnets



Mingyu Hu, MARK HOEFER, Michael J. Donahue


Spatially uniform static phases in an antiferromagnet (AFM) at 0 K accessible by varying an external magnetic field along the anisotropy axis are investigated. Using the macrospin model, the energy contributions are comprised of the external field, effective anisotropy, and spatially homogeneous AFM exchange. The critical energy configurations are fully cataloged, and local energy concavity is used to identify stable states. Relative energy levels are taken into account to classify phase transitions, including two non-standard critical energy states that are identified but conclusively ruled out for possible phase transitions. Phase diagrams for energetic stability and phase transitions are provided in terms of the strength of the applied field and the ratio between anisotropy and the AFM exchange.
Applied Physics Letters


antiferromagnet, macrospin, phase transition, phase diagram, stability


Hu, M. , Hoefer, M. and Donahue, M. (2023), Energetics of spin-flop and spin-flip transitions in homogeneous antiferromagnets, Applied Physics Letters, [online],, (Accessed June 21, 2024)


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Created August 7, 2023, Updated November 18, 2023