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Albert W. Jones, Guodong Shao, Frank H. Riddick


The latest innovations in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) will change manufacturing and simulation forever. Ideas such as Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, and Industrial Internet are dictating those changes. One of those changes involves the use of simulation-based cloud services and the integration of those services with operational decisions on the shop floor. For example, simulation has been used extensively to solve production planning, scheduling, and inventory problems, among others. In this paper, we focus on the control aspects of those problems. We argue that these problems can be represented as a multilayer process graph. The nodes in this graph are control functions, which are cognitive in nature and can be executed by different agents. We propose a new approach to modeling these agents and their interactions. The links in the graph are the information objects needed to execute those functions. We also describe a generic sets of control functions and the roles that simulation can play in executing those functions. This means that simulation is now part of an integrated process and can no longer be thought of as a stand-alone technology. Moreover, as simulation moves to the cloud, achieving such an integrated process poses new issues. In this paper, we discuss those issues and propose approaches to addressing them.
Proceedings Title
Proceedings of 2018 Winter Simulation Conference
Conference Dates
December 9, 1812-December 12, 2018
Conference Location


cognition, cloud service, control, simulation


Jones, A. , Shao, G. and Riddick, F. (2018), ENABLING CONTROL SYSTEM AND CLOUD-BASED SIMULATION SERVICE INTEROPERABILITY, Proceedings of 2018 Winter Simulation Conference, Gothenburg, -1 (Accessed May 25, 2024)


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Created December 12, 2018, Updated December 14, 2018