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Emergent Electric Field Control of Phase Transformation in Oxide Superlattices



Di Yi, Yujia Wang, Olaf M. J. van t'Erve, Liubin Xu, Hongtao Yuan, Michael J. Veit, Purnima P. Balakrishnan, Yongseong Choi, Alpha T. N'Diaye, Padraic Shafer, E. Arenholz, Alexander Grutter, Haixuan Xu, Pu Yu, Berend T. Jonker, Yuri Suzuki


Electric fields have been shown to transform materials with respect to their structure and properties, thus enabling many applications ranging from batteries to spintronics. Recently electrolytic gating, which can generate large electric fields and voltage-driven ion transfer1,2, has been identified as a powerful means to achieve electric-field-controlled phase transformation. To this end, transition metal 24 oxides (TMOs) provide potential candidates. However, although a wide range of single-phase TMOs have been scrutinized under electrolytic gating3-12, very few show reversible structural transformation at room-temperature. Here, we report the realization of a digitally synthesized TMO that shows reversible, electric-field-controlled transformation between distinct crystalline phases at room-temperature. In superlattices comprised of alternating unit-cells of SrIrO3 and La0.2Sr0.8MnO3, we find a reversible phase transformation with a 7% lattice change, accompanied by dramatic changes in chemical, electronic, magnetic and optical properties, by controlling the transfer of oxygen and hydrogen ions. Strikingly, this phase transformation is absent in the constituent oxides or their solid solutions. Our findings open up a new class of materials for voltage-controlled functionality.
Nature Communications


ionics, magnetism, oxide, superlattice, hydrogen, neutron scattering, phase transition, ionic liquid, gating


Yi, D. , Wang, Y. , van t'Erve, O. , Xu, L. , Yuan, H. , Veit, M. , Balakrishnan, P. , Choi, Y. , N'Diaye, A. , Shafer, P. , Arenholz, E. , Grutter, A. , Xu, H. , Yu, P. , Jonker, B. and Suzuki, Y. (2020), Emergent Electric Field Control of Phase Transformation in Oxide Superlattices, Nature Communications, [online], (Accessed June 24, 2024)


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Created January 31, 2020, Updated October 12, 2021