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Eliminating FFT Artifacts in Vector Signal Analyzer Spectra



Michael McKinley, Kate Remley, M. Myslinski, J. S. Kenney


We present a method to minimize spectral leakage in measurements of periodic signals made with the vector signal analyzer (VSA) by taking into account the periodic nature of the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT). This method negates the need for filtering the time-domain signal enabling distortion-free, repeatable measurements of signal components at the edges of the passband. We demonstrate the method on a simple multisine. However, this method can also be used on more complex periodic signals that emulate digital signals, such as those generated by 802.11/802.16-based communications devices.
Microwave Journal


Fast Fourier Transform, Multisine, Signal Analyzer, Spectral Leakage, Wireless Telecommunications.


McKinley, M. , Remley, K. , Myslinski, M. and Kenney, J. (2006), Eliminating FFT Artifacts in Vector Signal Analyzer Spectra, Microwave Journal, [online], (Accessed April 12, 2024)
Created September 30, 2006, Updated October 12, 2021