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Electron Microprobe Characterization of Si-Ge Alloys and Films for Use as Microanalysis Reference Materials



Ryna B. Marinenko, Shirley Turner, Dale E. Newbury, Robert L. Myklebust, Lee L. Yu, Rolf L. Zeisler, David S. Simons, John A. Small


Bulk SiGe wafers cut from single-crystal boules and SiGe thick films on Si wafers were evaluated with the electron probe microanalyzer for the extent of heterogeneity and composition for use as reference standards needed by the microelectronics industry in the characterization of SiGe thin films on Si. Alloys of SiGe14 and SiGe6.5 (Ge atomic % 14 and 6.5, respectively) and two 4-mm thick films of SiGe10 and SiGe25 on Si were rigorously tested with wavelength dispersive spectrometers (WDS) using multiple point, multiple sample, and duplicate data acquisitions per point to determine the micro and macro heterogeneity. The alloys and the films were quantified with several matrix correction procedures. The SiGe14 alloy and the two films are good microanalysis reference standards with an overall heterogeneity of 1.1 % relative or less for Ge. Compositions have been more difficult to determine by EPMA alone. Evidence suggests that the composition of the SiGe14 alloy may be within an uncertainty of 0.5% relative of the nominal composition
Microscopy and Microanalysis


electron probe microanalysis, EPMA, heterogeneity, microanalysis reference standards, microelectronics, microheterogeneity, SiGe films, SiGe reference standards, SiGe technology


Marinenko, R. , Turner, S. , Newbury, D. , Myklebust, R. , Yu, L. , Zeisler, R. , Simons, D. and Small, J. (2008), Electron Microprobe Characterization of Si-Ge Alloys and Films for Use as Microanalysis Reference Materials, Microscopy and Microanalysis (Accessed May 24, 2024)


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Created October 16, 2008