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Electron Magnetic Resonance: Necessity for a Modified Bloch Equation



B- -. Segev, Y B. Band


We show that a modified Bloch equation for the electronic magnetic moment is necessary when the magnetic moment explicitly contains a diamagnetic contribution (a magnetic field induced magnetic moment) in addition to the intrinsic magnetic moment of the electron. The modified Bloch equation cannot be solved alone, independent of equations of motion for the position and momentum operators. In the presence of static and time varying magnetic field components, the magnetic moment oscillates out of phase with the magnetic field and power is absorbed by virtue of the magnetic field induced magnetic moment (even without inclusion of Ti or T2 relaxation terms). We explicitly work out the spectrum and absorption for the case of a p state electron.
Journal of Chemical Physics


electric and magnetic moments and magnet, electric and magnetic moments and polari, electron paramagnetic resonance and rela


Segev, B. and Band, Y. (2008), Electron Magnetic Resonance: Necessity for a Modified Bloch Equation, Journal of Chemical Physics (Accessed April 22, 2024)
Created October 16, 2008