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Electric Field Profile and Thermal Properties in Substrate-Supported Dielectric Films



P Bloss, A S. DeReggi, H Schafer


The determination of dielectrics of electric field/charge/polarization profiles and thermal properties by the thermal pulse (TP) method is investigated theoretically and experimentally with the view of extending such measurements to electroded dielectric films supported by substrates. Temperature profiles and mean temperature are calculated as functions of time from the one-dimensional heat equation. In these solutions, the thermal mass of the illuminated electrode is considered, the heat transfer of the illuminated surface to the air, and the heat transfer of the opposite side to the substrate as well. The electrode thermal mass may be viewed either as a potentially large source of error if neglected in determining electric field profiles or as a new opportunity for measuring thermal properties if included. The electric field profile due to dielectric charging is determined by deconvolution using the Tikhonov-regularization technique with a self-consistent regularization parameter according to Honerkamp and Weese. Simulation is used to show that the effects of the profiles and of the thermal properties are separable. We demonstrate the feasibility of determining the following electrical and thermal properties of a dielectric film simultaneously from the electrical response stimulated by laser pulses: the electric field profile across the dielectric (space charge and/or polarization), the thermal diffusivity and conductivity of the dielectric (and thus its specific heat per unit volume from their ratio), and the interfacial heat transfer coefficient between the dielectric and substrate. The feasibility is tested by measurements on aluminized polyimide films on copper substrates.
Physical Review B (Condensed Matter and Materials Physics)


charge distribution, charge profiles, electrical properties, thermal properties, thermal pulse


Bloss, P. , DeReggi, A. and Schafer, H. (2000), Electric Field Profile and Thermal Properties in Substrate-Supported Dielectric Films, Physical Review B (Condensed Matter and Materials Physics), [online], (Accessed July 14, 2024)


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Created December 31, 1999, Updated October 12, 2021