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Elastic, Anelastic, Piezoelectric Coefficients of Monocrystal Lithium Niobate



H M. Ledbetter, H Ogi, N Nakamura


Using improved acoustic spectroscopy, we determined the complete above coefficients (16 independent ones) by measuring the macroscopic resonance frequencies of a single lithium-niobate monocrystal. The improvement consisted of using laser-Doppler interferometry for unambiguous vibration-mode identification. Elastic coefficients C-ijkl agree well with previous reports that used conventional methods. Piezoelectric coefficients e(ijk) agree with the range of four previous reports. Anelastic coefficients Q(ijkl)(-1) reported for the first time, suggest that the crystal's internal friction arises mainly from dislocations, not from intrinsic multiphonon processes.
Mechanics of Materials
No. 10


acoustic spectroscopy, anelastic coefficients, atomic bonding, Debye temperature, elastic coefficients, ferroelectric, interatomic bonding, internal friction, lithium niobate


Ledbetter, H. , Ogi, H. and Nakamura, N. (2004), Elastic, Anelastic, Piezoelectric Coefficients of Monocrystal Lithium Niobate, Mechanics of Materials (Accessed April 18, 2024)
Created October 1, 2004, Updated February 17, 2017