Efficient spectroscopy of single embedded emitters using optical fiber taper waveguides

Published: June 09, 2009


Marcelo I. Davanco, Kartik A. Srinivasan


A technique based on using optical fiber taper waveguides for probing single emitters embedded in thin dielectric membranes is assessed through numerical simulations. For an appropriate membrane geometry, photoluminescence collection e±ciencies in excess of 10 % are predicted, exceeding the effciency of standard free-space collec- tion by an order of magnitude. Our results indicate that these tapered fiber waveguides offer excellent prospects for performing effcient spec- troscopy of single emitters embedded in solid-state thin films, such as a single self-assembled quantum dot in a semiconductor membrane.
Citation: Optics Express
Volume: 17
Issue: 13
Pub Type: Journals

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Spectroscopy, fluorescence and luminescence, Nanophotonics and photonic crystals, Waveguides, Quantum-well, -wire and -dot devices, Near-field microscopy
Created June 09, 2009, Updated February 19, 2017