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Efficient and Tunable One-Dimensional Charge Transport in Layered Lanthanide Metal-Organic Frameworks



Grigorii Skorupskii, Benjamin A. Trump, Thomas W. Kasel, Craig M. Brown, Christopher H. Hendon, Mircea Dinca


Electrical conductivity is one of the priority targets in recent physical studies of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs). Many works consider strong metal-ligand bonding to be crucial for achieving record values, which leads to d-metal-based MOFs dominating the field. Here, we report a family of lanthanide-based MOFs, which, despite the lack of strong covalent bonding between the metal and the ligand, displays conductivity values of up to 0.5 S/cm for pressed pellets, on par with the highest reported to date. We take advantage of the size difference between the early and the late lanthanides to control the geometrical parameters of the materials, allowing us to tune the optical and transport properties of the MOFs, which can be crucial for applications in electronics.
Nature Chemistry


Metal Organic Frameworks, Conductivity, Porous Materials, Crystallography
Created February 1, 2020, Updated February 25, 2020