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The Effects of Quantization on 3D Topography Characterization



E Mainsah, P Sullivan, K Stout


This paper investigates the influence of quantization on 3D surface characterization by carrying out an analysis of surface parameter changes on a range of real and simulated surfaces. The changes in parameters are calculated as a percentage of the original value. There is also a treatment of the effect of quantization error on visual characterization. The validity of a lot of current practice in surface topography (where 12 bits or more are used in applications involving submillimetre ranges) is confirmed, and limits on that practice established. Recommendations are made as to the number of bits that should be reasonably used in quantization with respect to the surface feature of interest (form, waviness or roughness) and the likely implications of this choice on 3D surface characterization is discussed.
Measurement Science & Technology


Mainsah, E. , Sullivan, P. and Stout, K. (1994), The Effects of Quantization on 3D Topography Characterization, Measurement Science & Technology (Accessed April 21, 2024)
Created January 31, 1994, Updated October 12, 2021