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Effects of Proteins on Metal Corrosion



H J. Mueller


A previous report (Mueller, IMS, Ottawa, Canada, 1998) revealed that the modeled equivalent electrical circuits for either silver or copper surfaces were different when corroded in protein-free or protein-containing solutions. The objective of this study was to determine the morphology and composition of products formed on silver and copper when corroded in protein-free and protein-containing solutions. An oxygen saturated chloride solution with CaCl2 and Na H2PO4 was the electrolyte, and with a mass fraction of 0.1 % glycoprotein. SEM-EDS, XRD, and FT-IR were used for surface characterizations. For silver anodically polarized to 0.4 V vs SCE, calcium- and phosphate-containing products were intermixed with silver chloride when protein was absent, while no calcium-and phosphate-containing products occurred when protein was present. The morphology of the corroded surfaces was more compact (less porous) with protein. For copper surfaces corroded with protein, a distinct thin film appeared overlaid with globular products, while the original ground surface detected without protein. Differences in XRD patterns with both metals were detected when corroded in protein-free and protein-containing solutions. For both metals but more for silver, it was found that SiC particles retained and embedded from the final polishing (4000 frit size paper) affected the morphology of the deposited products. It is concluded that both compositional and microstructural differences occurred on silver and copper surfaces when corroded in protein-free and protein-containing solutions.
Proceedings Title
ASM International, IMS Technical Meeting
Conference Dates
November 1-4, 1999
Conference Location
Conference Title
ASM International


calcium, chloride, copper, corrosion, phosphate, polarization, products, protein, silver


Mueller, H. (2008), Effects of Proteins on Metal Corrosion, ASM International, IMS Technical Meeting, Undefined (Accessed July 21, 2024)


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Created October 16, 2008