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Effectively Control Negative Thermal Expansion of Single-phase Ferroelecrics of PbTiO3-(Bi,La)FeO3 over a Giant Range



Jun Chen, Fangfang Wang, Qingzhen Huang, Lei Hu, Xiping Song, Jinxia Deng, Ranbo Yu, Xianran Xing


Control of negative thermal expansion is a fundamentally interesting topic in the negative thermal expansion materials in order for the future applications. However, it is a challenge to control the negative thermal expansion in individual pure materials over a large scale. Here, we report an effective way to control the coefficient of thermal expansion from a giant negative to a near zero thermal expansion by means of adjusting the spontaneous volume ferroelectrostriction (SVFS) in the system of PbTiO3-(Bi,La)FeO3 ferroelectrics. The adjustable range of thermal expansion contains most negative thermal expansion materials. The abnormal property of negative or zero thermal expansion previously observed in ferroelectrics is well understood according to the present new concept of spontaneous volume ferroelectrostriction. The present studies could be useful to control of thermal expansion of ferroelectrics, and could be extended to multiferroic materials whose properties of both ferroelectricity and magnetism are coupled with thermal expansion.
Scientific Reports


negative thermal expansion, ferroelecrics, neutron powder diffraction diffraction


Chen, J. , Wang, F. , Huang, Q. , Hu, L. , Song, X. , Deng, J. , Yu, R. and Xing, X. (2013), Effectively Control Negative Thermal Expansion of Single-phase Ferroelecrics of PbTiO<sub>3</sub>-(Bi,La)FeO<sub>3</sub> over a Giant Range, Scientific Reports, [online], (Accessed May 27, 2024)


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Created August 15, 2013, Updated October 12, 2021