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Effect of Teflon® Transmittance on Sensitivity of Thermoluminescence Dosimeter Cards



Vyacheslav B. Podobedov, Carl C. Miller, Alexander Romanyukha, Andrew Hoy


Thermoluminescence dosimeter cards purchased by the United States Navy in recent years have different radiation sensitivities, e.g. they exhibit a different amount of light per dose unit. Presented tests indicate that the optical transparency of the Teflon® encapsulation is partially responsible for the significant variation of the DT-702/PD radiation sensitivity. It was confirmed also that the Teflon® transparency is in fact a primary cause of the radiation sensitivity increase in the most recently produced dosimetric cards. This conclusion is based on the correlation found between the calibrated radiation sensitivity of the dosimeter card element and the optical transparency of its Teflon® encapsulation. The transparency measurements were performed at the wavelength of 400 nm within a 10 nm spectral interval effectively covering the spectral range of the thermoluminescence. It is anticipated that the experimentally determined correlation will help to approve the acceptance of new thermoluminescence dosimeter cards in the Naval Dosimetry Center inventory as well as improving the production process.
Health Physics


dosimeter, thermoluminescence, Teflon transmittance
Created May 20, 2020, Updated May 12, 2020