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Effect of Surface Chemistry on Stem Cell Response in 2-D vs. 3-D Cell Culture Niches



Sumona Sarkar, Carl G. Simon Jr., Roberta I. Lock, Joy P. Dunkers


To develop tissue engineered devices for regenerative medicine strategies, key scaffold properties for directing stem cell response must be identified. As focus shifts from 2-D to 3-D culture systems in an attempt to better recapitulate the natural cellular environment, traditional strategies to enhance the cell culture environment may no longer have equivalent effects on cells. The synergistic effects of the new 3-D culture environments are largely undetermined.
Proceedings Title
Society for Biomaterials 2013 Annual Meeting and Exposition Program Book
Conference Dates
April 10-13, 2013
Conference Location
Boston, MA
Conference Title
Society for Biomaterials 2013 Annual Meeting and Exposition: Biomaterials Revolution


Biomaterials, Stem Cells, cell-material interactions, nanofibers
Created April 19, 2013, Updated February 19, 2017