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Effect of Shear Flow on Multi-Component Polymer Mixtures



Charles C. Han, Yonghua Yao, C.L. Zhang, Erik K. Hobbie


There is considerable interest in the phase behavior of multi-component polymer mixtures, the so-called polymer blends, due to their broad technological importance in the plastics industry. Traditionally, quiescent conditions have been adopted for characterizing the phase behavior of polymer blends, with the majority of past work emphasizing two different but related aspects. In contrast, the response of polymer blends and solutions to shear flow, a key factor in polymer processing, has only very recently been studied in a systematic manner. We present an experimental review of the shear-induced phase behavior of polymer blends and solutions. Special attention is given to the flow-structure relationship near a critical point of unmixing.
Plasma Processes and Polymers


demixing, mixing, polymer blends, shear flow


Han, C. , Yao, Y. , Zhang, C. and Hobbie, E. (2006), Effect of Shear Flow on Multi-Component Polymer Mixtures, Plasma Processes and Polymers, [online], (Accessed April 21, 2024)
Created January 1, 2006, Updated February 19, 2017