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Effect of Regenerator Geometry on Pulse Tube Refrigerator Performance



Michael A. Lewis, T Kuriyama, J Xiao, Ray Radebaugh


This paper gives results of the cooling performance of a double-inlet pulse tube refrigerator using various redenerators. The same pulse tube was used for all the experiments and measured 4.76 mm in diameter and 46.2 m in length. A commercial linear compressor with a swept volume of 4 cm3 was used in these experiments. The operating conditions were held constant at a mean pressure of 2.0 Mpa and a frequency of 54 hertz. Using finite difference software called REGEN3.1 developed at NIST, we optimized a series of regenators based on dimensions, materials and screen packing. The values used for calculating the thermal conduction through stacked screens by REGEN3.1 were based on recent experimental results from NIST. The regenerator tubes were designed using 316 stainless steel and titanium materials. The regenerator matrices investigated were 400-mesh and 500-mesh stainless steel screen. The valve settings for both orifices were adjusted to minimize the no-load temperature for all regenerators. A cooling capacity curve from 0 to3 watts was also determined. The performance of the pulse tube refrigerator design. The purpose of this paper is to compare optimization studies using the numerical calculation from REGEN3.1 with the experimental optimization obtained fron the NIST pulse tube.
Proceedings Title
Advances in cryogenic Engineering, Conference | | | Plenum Press
Conference Dates
July 1, 1997
Conference Title
Advances in Cryogenic Engineering


coefficient of performance, conductivity degradation factor, pulse tube, refrigeration power, REGEN3.1, regenerator


Lewis, M. , Kuriyama, T. , Xiao, J. and Radebaugh, R. (1998), Effect of Regenerator Geometry on Pulse Tube Refrigerator Performance, Advances in cryogenic Engineering, Conference | | | Plenum Press (Accessed June 14, 2024)


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Created June 1, 1998, Updated February 17, 2017