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Effect of Pnictogen Height on Spin Waves in Iron Pnictides



Chenglin Zhang, Leland Harriger, Zhiping Yin, Weicheng Lv, Miaoyin Wang, Guotai Tan, Yu Song, D. L. Abernathy, Wei Tian, Takeshi Egami, Kristjan Haule, Gabriel Kotliar, Pengcheng Dai


We use inelastic neutron scattering to study spin waves in the antiferromagnetic ordered phase of iron pnictide NaFeAs throughout the Brillouin zone. Comparing with the well-studied AFe2As2 (A = Ca,Sr,Ba) family, spin waves in NaFeAs have considerably lower zone boundary energies and more isotropic effective in-plane magnetic exchange couplings. These results are consistent with calculations from a combined density functional theory (DFT) and dynamical mean field theory (DMFT), and provide strong evidence that pnictogen height controls the strength of electron-electron correlations, and consequently the effective bandwidth of magnetic excitations.
Physical Review Letters


superconductivity, strongly correlated electrons


Zhang, C. , Harriger, L. , Yin, Z. , Lv, W. , Wang, M. , Tan, G. , Song, Y. , Abernathy, D. , Tian, W. , Egami, T. , Haule, K. , Kotliar, G. and Dai, P. (2014), Effect of Pnictogen Height on Spin Waves in Iron Pnictides, Physical Review Letters, [online], (Accessed June 21, 2024)


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Created May 27, 2014, Updated October 12, 2021