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The effect of luminescent coupling on modulated photocurrent measurements in multijunction solar cells



Nicolas Marquez Peraca, Paul M. Haney, Behrang H. Hamadani


Luminescent coupling in multijunction solar cells has a major impact on device response and its impact on current-voltage and quantum efficiency measurements is well established. However, the role of luminescent coupling in more advanced characterization techniques such as the modulated photocurrent spectroscopy is virtually unknown. Here we present measurements of the frequency-dependent photocurrent of a triple junction solar cell with significant coupling between adjacent junctions. We develop an equivalent circuit model which includes luminescent coupling, and which shows good agreement with the measured frequency response. The model also shows how the system response can elucidate the type of charge carrier recombination in these materials.
Applied Physics Letters


solar cells, multijunction solar cells, luminescent coupling, characterization
Created August 21, 2019, Updated September 11, 2019