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Effect of Interfacial and Edge Roughness on Magnetoelectric Control of Co/Ni Microdisks on PMN-PT(011)



Yu-Ching Hsiao, Daniel Gopman, Kotekar Mohanchandra, Paymon Shirazi, Gregory Carman, Christopher Lynch


Uniform magnetic behavior within arrays of magnetoelectric heterostructures is important for the development of reliable strain-mediated microdevices. Multiple mechanisms may contribute to observed nonuniform magnetization reversal including surface roughness, non-uniform strain, and fabrication induced imperfections. Here, Co/Ni microdisks of 7 µm diameter were produced on both [Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3]1-x–[PbTiO3]x with x = 0.3 nominal composition (PMN-30PT) (011) and Si substrates, and the out-of-plane magnetization reversal was characterized using magneto-optical Kerr effect (MOKE). Coercivity variation across the microdisks within the arrays was observed on both the PMN-30PT and Si specimens with zero electric field applied. Co/Ni microdisks on a PMN-30PT substrate displayed relatively larger coercivity than those on a Si substrate due to the surface roughness effect. Quasistatic electric fields of varying magnitude were applied to the PMN-30PT substrate to assess the dependence of the coercivity on electric field induced strain. Our results indicate that while coercivity decreases with the increase of electric field induced strain, surface and edge roughness combine to realize a prohibitively large coercivity to overcome within the Co/Ni microdisks as well as a broad distribution of coercive field across a patterned microdisk array.
Nature - Scientific Reports


Hsiao, Y. , Gopman, D. , Mohanchandra, K. , Shirazi, P. , Carman, G. and Lynch, C. (2022), Effect of Interfacial and Edge Roughness on Magnetoelectric Control of Co/Ni Microdisks on PMN-PT(011), Nature - Scientific Reports, [online],, (Accessed April 24, 2024)
Created March 10, 2022, Updated March 6, 2023