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Effect of Flow Due to Density Change on Eutectic Growth



Sam R. Coriell, Geoffrey B. McFadden, William F. Mitchell, B T. Murray, J B. Andrews, Y B. Arikawa


The Jackson-Hunt model of eutectic growth is extended to allow for different densities of the phases. The density differences give rise to fluid flow which is calculated from a series solution of the fluid flow equations in the Stokes flow approximation. The solute diffusion equation with flow terms is then solved numerically using an adaptive refinement and multigrid algorithm (PLTMG). The interface undercoolings and volume fractions are calculated for the tin-dead and iron-carbon eutectic alloys and for the aluminum- indium monotectic alloy. The numerical results are compared with various approximations based on the Jackson-Hunt analysis.
Journal of Crystal Growth
No. 1-2


fluid flow, monotectics diffusion, solidification eutectics


Coriell, S. , McFadden, G. , Mitchell, W. , Murray, B. , Andrews, J. and Arikawa, Y. (2001), Effect of Flow Due to Density Change on Eutectic Growth, Journal of Crystal Growth (Accessed April 20, 2024)
Created April 1, 2001, Updated June 2, 2021