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Effect of a Bonding Agent on the Biochemical Activity of Remineralizing Resin-Based Ca-PO4 Cements



Sabine H. Dickens, Glenn M. Flaim


This study examined whether fluoride in a resin-based Ca-PO4 cements (RCPC) or a barrier of a bonding agent could compromise the remineralization potential of the cement. Cements were formulated with a fluoride additive (RCPC) or without fluoride (RCPC-NF). The dissolution of total calcium, total phosphate and fluoride was determined in saliva-like solution from cement disks without or with a coating of an acidic monomer containing bonding agent (BA). For the remineralization, two cavities were prepared in coronal dentin of extracted human molars and were demineralized. One cavity was filled with a composite resin as a an inert control; the other received one of the experimental treatments: RCPC, RCPC + BA, RCPC-NF, RCPC NF + BA. The teeth were incubated in saliva-like solution at 37 C for six weeks.The remineralization from the cement was determined with digital microradiography by ratioing the mineral density under the cement to that under the composite resin. The percent remineralization (mean standard deviation) was found to be for RCPC 37 18, RCPC + BA 14 7, NF-RCPC 39 14, RCPC-NF + BA 23 13, respectively. Two-way ANOVA and Tukey test (p < 0.001) showed a significant effect from the presence of BA, which may have retarded the diffusion of calcium and phosphate ions, and/or bound the calcium ions. Incorporating fluoride in the cement did not affect the remineralization (p > 0.05).
European Journal of Oral Sciences


bases, calcium phosphates, fluoride, lining cements, remineralization, resin-reinforced cements


Dickens, S. and Flaim, G. (2008), Effect of a Bonding Agent on the Biochemical Activity of Remineralizing Resin-Based Ca-PO<sub>4</sub> Cements, European Journal of Oral Sciences (Accessed July 17, 2024)


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Created October 16, 2008