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The Economic Impact of Manufacturing Extension Centers



M A. Ehlen


A recent U.S. Census survey indicates that the two Illinois manufacturing extension centers, affiliated with the national Manufacturing Extension Partnership, have improved the performance of small Illinois firms and the Illinois state economy. Over a two-year period the centers directly helped client firms create $22.5 million in sales and create or retain 483 jobs. These benefits, through their direct and indirect effects on the state economy, generated an estimated $119 million in new state output and 450 new state jobs over a four-year period. State and local tax revenues increased by $9.5 million over the same period, which compares favorably with the $6 million two-year funding for the two centers. These client-firm impacts occurred in industries important to state economic growth, high-wage employment, and competitiveness relative to the rest of the nation.
Economic Development Quarterly


economic impact, economic modeling, macroeconomic analysis, manufacturing assistance, regional science, technology assistance


Ehlen, M. (2017), The Economic Impact of Manufacturing Extension Centers, Economic Development Quarterly (Accessed April 15, 2024)
Created February 19, 2017