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Early Stage Crystallization in Poly (Ethylene-Co-Hexene) by SAXS/WAXD, DSC, OM and AFM



G Z. Wang, Haonan Wang, K Shimizu, Charles C. Han, B S. Hsiao


Isothermal crystallization in the early stages of one short-chain branching polyethylene, PEH, is examined by time-resolved SAXS/WAXD, DSC, optical microscope and AFM. WAXD showed a rapid decrease of the inter-chain distance in the amorphous phase at the supercooled state, which occurs even before the detection of density fluctuations from SAXS can be made. A nucleation induced crosslinking-like network has been proposed , which can also explain the continuing decrease in D-spacing of the amorphous phase. DSC results are in good agreement with the X-ray data. Thick lamellae are formed at high temperatures but the crystallinity is relatively low. As crystallized, a sheaf-like morphology was observed in PEH, which consist of regularly layered lamellae.
Journal of the American Chemical Society


AFM, crystallization, DSC, morphology, PEH, polymer, SAXS, WAXD


Wang, G. , Wang, H. , Shimizu, K. , Han, C. and Hsiao, B. (2001), Early Stage Crystallization in Poly (Ethylene-Co-Hexene) by SAXS/WAXD, DSC, OM and AFM, Journal of the American Chemical Society, [online], (Accessed April 12, 2024)
Created July 31, 2001, Updated October 12, 2021