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Dynamics of a pulsed single photon source



Sergey V. Polyakov, Edward B. Flagg, Tim O. Thomay, Glenn S. Solomon


We propose and demonstrate a method for an independent verification of a degree of single photon purity and coherence applicable for all single-photon emitters used in pulsed mode. Using two-time second-order correlation measurements, we reconstruct the dynamics of the nonclassical photon wavepacket. This reveals the temporal evolution of the photon field during the excitation-relaxation cycle of an emitter. The technique allows for the simultaneous measurement of multiphoton content and decoherence. Here we applied this technique to characterize a nonclassical state produced from a single InAs quantum dot (QD). We experimentally observe variations in the degree of multiphoton content and coherence of the wavepacket. A rate equation is introduced to explain multiphoton variations of our source and is found to describe the observed two-dimensional second-order correlation function accurately.
Quantum theory - reconsideration of foundations 6
Publisher Info
American Institute of Physics, New York , NY


Single photon source, quantum dot, dynamics


Polyakov, S. , Flagg, E. , Thomay, T. and Solomon, G. (2012), Dynamics of a pulsed single photon source, Quantum theory - reconsideration of foundations 6, American Institute of Physics, New York , NY, [online], (Accessed May 23, 2024)


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Created December 18, 2012, Updated June 2, 2021