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Dynamics of the non-classical light from a single solid-state quantum emitter



Edward B. Flagg, Sergey Polyakov, Tim O. Thomay, Glenn S. Solomon


We measure the dynamics of a non-classical optical field using two-time second-order correlations in conjunction with pulsed excitation. The technique quantifies single-photon purity and coherence during the excitation-relaxation cycle of an emitter, which is illustrated here using a quantum dot. We observe that photons detected early in the cycle have reduced single-photon purity and coherence compared to those detected later. Rate equation modeling describes the single-photon purity dynamics and indicates that the coherence dynamics are due not only to decoherence processes but also jitter in the exciton capture time.
Physical Review Letters


quantum dot, photon statistics, quantum optics, single photon sources, coherence, indistinguishability, condensed matter physics


Flagg, E. , Polyakov, S. , Thomay, T. and Solomon, G. (2012), Dynamics of the non-classical light from a single solid-state quantum emitter, Physical Review Letters, [online], (Accessed July 23, 2024)


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Created October 18, 2012, Updated May 3, 2021