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Dynamic Tensile Behavior of a Quenched and Partitioned High Strength Steel using a Kolsky Bar



Steven P. Mates, Fadi Abu-Farha


Dynamic tension tests are performed on a quenched and partitioned high strength steel grade, QP980, using a direct tension Kolsky Bar method. In this method, the steel incident bar consists of a tube section and a solid section of equal impedance mated through a threaded connection. The striker is pneumatically launched within the tube section into an impact cap to create the tensile loading pulse. The transmission bar, which is constructed of aluminum to improve the force measurement sensitivity, is not impedance matched to the incident bar, and as a result the wave analysis technique was modified accordingly. The sample geometry follows ISO 26203-1:2010. Strain-time histories of the specimens obtained by the wave analysis are compared to high speed DIC strain field measurements, and the latter are used to correct cor the compliance of the test setup. Material tests are performed parallel to, perpendicular to, and at 45° with respect to the rolling direction. Specimens were taken to failure and to several intermediate strain levels by using momentum traps on the incident and transmission bars. Specimen gauge length, gas pressure and striker bar length were changed to achieve different strain rates, covering the range needed for crash simulations . The dynamic behavior of the material is compared to its quasi-static behavior.
Proceedings Title
Proceedings of the 2015 SEM Annual Meeting
Conference Dates
June 1-4, 2015
Conference Location
Costa Mesa, CA
Conference Title
2015 SEM Annual Meeting


Kolsky Bar, High Strain Rate, Advanced High Strength Steels, Automotive Light-Weighting, High Speed Digital Image Correlation


Mates, S. and Abu-Farha, F. (2015), Dynamic Tensile Behavior of a Quenched and Partitioned High Strength Steel using a Kolsky Bar, Proceedings of the 2015 SEM Annual Meeting, Costa Mesa, CA (Accessed April 24, 2024)
Created June 1, 2015, Updated March 21, 2017