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Dynamic Problems in Hard Turning, Milling and Grinding



Matthew A. Davies


In this chapter we examine the application of nonlinear dynamics to various problems in manufacturing. We focus on three practical machining processes currently receiving significant industrial attention: turning of hardened steels (hard-turning), high-speed milling, and high-speed grinding. In each of these areas, researchers are seeking to expand the envelope of machinable materials, reduce manufacturing costs by increasing material removal rates, and manu-facture parts with more complex shapes, while maintaining or increasing current levels of accuracy. Attaining these goals requires manufacturers to operate at the limits of their machine tools, pushing spindle speeds and feed rates as high as possible to increase machining speeds and lower manufacturing costs. Unlike conventional machining operations, which could reasonably be considered to be quasi-static, these modern manufacturing processes are highly dynamic. In addition strong nonlinearities can arise from the cutting process and the behavior of the machine-tool, and these nonlinearities can have unpredictable effects on the process dynamics. If these effects could be accu-rately modeled, significant improvement in performance might be attained by including control and compensation algorithms in machine-tool controllers. This chapter will discuss each manufacturing area noted above, and point out through examples where the techniques of modern nonlinear dynamics may be applied to improve the understanding, control, and performance of the process.
Nonlinear Dynamics and Materials Processing and Manufacturing
Chapter 3
Publisher Info
Wiley, New York, NY


Grinding, Hard turning, Machining, Manufacturing Processes, Milling


Davies, M. (1998), Dynamic Problems in Hard Turning, Milling and Grinding, Wiley, New York, NY (Accessed June 23, 2024)


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Created January 1, 1998, Updated February 19, 2017