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Dynamic Crossover in Fluids: From Hard Spheres to Molecules



Ian Bell, Stephanie Delage-Santacreu, Hai Hoang, Guillaume Galliero


We propose a simple and generic definition of a demarcation reconciling structural and dynamic frameworks when combined with the entropy scaling framework. This crossover line between gas- and liquid-like behaviors is defined as the curve for which an individual property, the contribution to viscosity due to molecules' translation, is exactly equal to a collective property, the contribution to viscosity due to molecular interactions. Such a definition is shown to be consistent with the one based on the minima of the kinematic viscosity. For the hard sphere, this is shown to be an exact solution. For Lennard-Jones spheres and dimers and for some simple real fluids, this relation holds very well. This crossover line passes nearby the critical point, and for all studied fluids, it is well captured by the critical excess entropy curve for atomic fluids, emphasizing the link between transport properties and local structure.
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters


Bell, I. , Delage-Santacreu, S. , Hoang, H. and Galliero, G. (2021), Dynamic Crossover in Fluids: From Hard Spheres to Molecules, Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, [online],, (Accessed April 19, 2024)
Created July 7, 2021, Updated November 29, 2022