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Dynamic and static magnetic anisotropy in thin-film cobalt zirconium tantalum



John P. Nibarger, R Ewasko, Michael L. Schneider, Thomas J. Silva


The magnetic anisotropy values of thin amorphous cobalt zirconium tantalum (CZT) films were determined from static and dynamic measurements. Dynamic techniques show a rotatable component of anisotropy that decreases with increasing longitudinal bias field from 200 to 0'48 A/m (2.5 to 0'0.6 Oe). The dynamic value of the anisotropy is important when using CZT in high-frequency magnetic applications. Static values were obtained with an induction-field magnetometer while dynamic values were obtained using a pulsed inductive microwave magnetometer.
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials


anisotropy, CZT, magneto-dynamics, PIMM, rotatable anisotropy
Created October 26, 2004, Updated January 27, 2020