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Dual-comb correlation spectroscopy of thermal light



Eugene Tsao, Alexander Lind, Connor Fredrick, Ryan Cole, Peter Chang, Kristina Chang, Dahyeon Lee, Matthew Heyrich, Nazanin Hoghooghi, Franklyn Quinlan, Scott Diddams


The detection of light of thermal origin is the principal means by which humanity has learned about our world and the cosmos. In optical astronomy, in particular, direct detection of thermal photons and the resolution of their spectra have enabled discoveries of the broadest scope and impact. Such measurements, however, do not capture the phase of the thermal fields--a parameter that has proven crucial to transformative techniques in radio astronomy such as synthetic aperture imaging. Over the last 25 years, tremendous progress has occurred in laser science, notably in the phase-sensitive, broad bandwidth, high resolution, and traceable spectroscopy enabled by the optical frequency comb. In this work, we directly connect the fields of frequency comb laser spectroscopy and passive optical sensing as applied to astronomy, remote sensing, and atmospheric science. We provide fundamental sensitivity analysis of dual-comb correlation spectroscopy (DCCS), whereby broadband thermal light is measured via interferometry with two optical frequency combs. We define and experimentally verify the sensitivity scaling of DCCS at black body temperatures relevant for astrophysical observations. Moreover, we provide comparison with direct detection techniques and more conventional laser heterodyne radiometry. Our work provides the foundation for future exploration of comb-based broadband synthetic aperture hyperspectral imaging across the infrared and optical spectrum.
(potentially a different journal, still TBD)


Tsao, E. , Lind, A. , Fredrick, C. , Cole, R. , Chang, P. , Chang, K. , Lee, D. , Heyrich, M. , Hoghooghi, N. , Quinlan, F. and Diddams, S. (2024), Dual-comb correlation spectroscopy of thermal light, (potentially a different journal, still TBD) (Accessed July 12, 2024)


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Created May 23, 2024, Updated June 21, 2024