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Doping and Oxidation Effects in Raman Spectra of Manganites



V B. Podobedov, A Weber, G U. Dezanneau, S U. Pignard, J U. Kreizel, H U. Vincent


Raman scattering from LayRxMnO3-δ compounds ( single crystals, ceramics, films) was studied as a function of kind (R) and amount (x) of dopant as well as of oxygen deficit (δ). For x = 0.1 to 0. 55, a nearly linear Raman shift of the Adg^ mode from 240 to 125 cm-1 was observed in Sr-doped compounds. While the intensity of disorder-induced Raman bands was found to be sensitive to the oxygen content, the symmetry allowed related Raman modes to exhibit changes in frequency. As an indication of deposition conditions, lowering of the symmetry of the film structures with respect to single crystals and ceramics was detected. We discuss the physical nature of the observed effects and show how Raman data can be used for the optical characterization of manganite samples.
Proceedings Title
Proceedings of MRS Symposium Proceedings
Conference Dates
April 4-10, 1999
Conference Title
Proceedings of the MRS Symposium


film, manganite, Raman scattering, structure


Podobedov, V. , Weber, A. , Dezanneau, G. , Pignard, S. , Kreizel, J. and Vincent, H. (1999), Doping and Oxidation Effects in Raman Spectra of Manganites, Proceedings of MRS Symposium Proceedings (Accessed May 26, 2024)


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Created April 10, 1999, Updated June 14, 2017