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Does Habituation Affect Fingerprint Quality?



Mary F. Theofanos, R J. Michaels, Jean C. Scholtz, Emile L. Morse, Peter May


Interest in the environmental factors that affect biometric image quality is increasing as biometric technologies are currently being implemented in various business applications. This study aims to determine, through repeated trials, the effects of various external factors on the image quality and usability of prints collected by an electronic reader. These factors include age, gender, and general attitudes toward security and privacy and the absence or presence of instant feedback. A key factor in biometric systems that will be used daily or routinely is habituation. The user's behavior could potentially change as a result of acclimatization; one's input might increase in quality as one learns how to use the system better, or decrease in quality since comfort with the system could translate into carelessness.
Conference Title
Computer Human Interaction Conference 2006


Habituation, fingerprint image quality, feedback, biometrics, usability


Theofanos, M. , Michaels, R. , Scholtz, J. , Morse, E. and May, P. (2007), Does Habituation Affect Fingerprint Quality?, Computer Human Interaction Conference 2006, [online], (Accessed February 27, 2024)
Created February 20, 2007, Updated February 17, 2017