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Document Image Coding for Processing and Retrieval



O E. Kia, D Doermann


Document images belong to a unique class of images where the information content is contained in the language represented by a series of symbols on the page rather than in the visual objects themselves. From this, a new image coding strategy can be designed so as to address some compression and retrieval issues. In this paper we describe a coding methodology that not only exploits component-level redundancy to reduce code length but also expedites efficient data access. The approach uses an image pattern approach that captures image redundancy while providing a natural information index. The approach identifies patterns which appear repeatedly, represents similar patterns with a single prototype, stores the location of pattern instances, and codes the residuals between the prototypes and the pattern instances. Compression results are somewhat competitive but compressed-domain access is clearly superior to competing methods. Furthermore, applications to network-related problems have been considered which show favorable results.
Journal of Vlsi Signal Processing


compression, document image coding, transmission


Kia, O. and Doermann, D. (1998), Document Image Coding for Processing and Retrieval, Journal of Vlsi Signal Processing, [online], (Accessed June 25, 2024)


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Created October 30, 1998, Updated February 17, 2017