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A Distributed Database Architecture for an Integrated Manufacturing Facility



V Krishnamurthy, Stanley Su, H Lam, Mary Mitchell, Edward J. Barkmeyer Jr.


A typical manufacturing facility uses a set of heterogeneous computer systems to support various design, planning, and manufacturing activities. These systems usually consist of different hardware (computers, NC machines, robots and workstations), software (operating systems, programming languages) and application systems (analysis packages, simulators, database management systems, file management systems). The database of these systems are often different in their logical and physical structures since they are established using different data management facilities and their structures are tailored to support the various design and manufacturing activities. In Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM), these systems need to be interconnected to allow sharing of hardware and software resources and the timely delivery of data to these component systems. This paper describes the architecture of an Integrated Manufacturing Data Administration System (IMDAS) which provides the users and application software with a unified view of the global database that is physically distributed among dissimilar component systems. The IMDAS provides for a high level semantic view of the global database and a high level language for global data manipulation to enable the user or the application software to access the global database easily and meaningfully.
Proceedings Title
Proceedings of the Conference on Data and Knowledge Systems for Engineering and Manufacturing
Conference Location


computer integrated manufacturing, CIM, computer hardware, computer design, programming language, analysis package, database management systems


Krishnamurthy, V. , Su, S. , Lam, H. , Mitchell, M. and Barkmeyer Jr., E. (1987), A Distributed Database Architecture for an Integrated Manufacturing Facility, Proceedings of the Conference on Data and Knowledge Systems for Engineering and Manufacturing, , USA (Accessed July 21, 2024)


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Created June 30, 1987, Updated October 12, 2021