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Distributed Algorithm for Suppressing Epidemic Spread in Networks



Van Sy Mai, Abdella Battou, Kevin L. Mills


This paper considers problems related to suppressing epidemic spread over networks given limited curing resources. The spreading dynamic is captured by a susceptible-infected- susceptible model. The epidemic threshold and recovery speed are determined by the contact network structure and the heterogeneous infection and curing rates. We develop a distributed algorithm that can be used for allocating curing resources to meet three potential objectives: minimize total curing cost while preventing an epidemic; maximize recovery speed given sufficient curing resources; or given insufficient curing resources, limit the size of an endemic state. The distributed algorithm is of the Jacobi type, and converges geometrically. We prove an upper bound on the convergence rate; the bound depends on the structure and infection rates of the underlying network. Numerical simulations illustrate the efficiency and scalability of our distributed algorithm.
IEEE Control Systems Letters


distributed optimization, epidemic spreading, complex networks, networked control systems
Created June 4, 2018, Updated January 27, 2020