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A Distinct Spin Structure and Giant Baromagnetic Effect in MnNiGe Compounds with Fe-Doping



Feiran Shen, Houbo Zhou, Fengxia Hu, Jian-Tao Wang, Hui Wu, Qingzhen Huang, Jiazheng Hao, Zibing Yu, Yihong Gao, Yuan Lin, Yangxin Wang, Cheng Zhang, Zhuo Yin, Jing Wang, Sihao Deng, Jie Chen, Lunhua He, Tianjiao Liang, Jirong Sun, Tongyun Zhao, Baogen Shen


Spin structure of a magnetic system results from the competition of various exchange couplings. Pressure driven spin structure evolution, through altering interatomic distance and hence electronic structure, produces baromagnetic effect(BME), which has potential applications in sensor/actuator field. Here we report a new spin structure(CyS-AFMb) with antiferromagnetic(AFM) nature in Fe-doped Mn0.87Fe0.13NiGe. Neutron powder diffraction(NPD) under in-situ hydrostatic pressure and magnetic field was conducted to reveal the spin configuration and its instabilities. We discovered that a pressure higher than 4kbar can induce abnormal change of Mn(Fe)-Mn(Fe) distances and transform the CyS-AFMb into a conical spiral ferromagnetic(FM) configuration(45°-CoS-FMa) with easily magnetized but shortened magnetic moment by as much as 22%. The observed BME far exceeds previous reports. Our first principles calculations provide theoretical supports for the enhanced BME. The compressed lattice by pressure favours the 45°-CoS-FMa and significantly broadened 3d bandwidth of Mn(Fe) atoms, which leads to the shortened magnetic moment and evolution of spin structure.
Journal of the American Chemical Society


Magnetism, baromagnetic effect, neutron diffraction


Shen, F. , Zhou, H. , Hu, F. , Wang, J. , Wu, H. , Huang, Q. , Hao, J. , Yu, Z. , Gao, Y. , Lin, Y. , Wang, Y. , Zhang, C. , Yin, Z. , Wang, J. , Deng, S. , Chen, J. , He, L. , Liang, T. , Sun, J. , Zhao, T. and Shen, B. (2021), A Distinct Spin Structure and Giant Baromagnetic Effect in MnNiGe Compounds with Fe-Doping, Journal of the American Chemical Society, [online],, (Accessed April 19, 2024)
Created May 3, 2021, Updated March 25, 2024