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Dispersion of Evanescent Band Gap States in Fe Clusters on GaAs(110)



Joseph A. Stroscio, P First, Robert A. Dragoset, L Whitman, Daniel T. Pierce, Robert Celotta


We report scanning tunneling microscopy results on the band gap states observed in tunneling to nanometer size metallic Fe clusters on GaAs(110) surfaces. In the vicinity of the Fe clusters, a continuum of gap states is found in tunneling spectra from regions of the bare semiconductor. The state density in the gap, emanating from the clusters, is found to decay exponentially with a decay length that is dependent on the energy in the band gap. The gap state decay length varies continuously from 3.4 {Aring} at midgap to a divergence at the valence and conduction band edges, reflecting the characteristics of the generalized Bloch states in the semiconductor gap having complex wave vector.
Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A


Stroscio, J. , First, P. , Dragoset, R. , Whitman, L. , Pierce, D. and Celotta, R. (1990), Dispersion of Evanescent Band Gap States in Fe Clusters on GaAs(110), Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A (Accessed May 19, 2024)


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Created January 1, 1990, Updated February 19, 2017