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Discriminated properties of PEI functionalized gold nanoparticles (Au-PEIs) predetermined by synthetic routes of ligand exchange and reduction processes: Paths and Fates



Tae Joon Cho, John M. Pettibone, Vincent A. Hackley


Polyethyleneimine (PEI) functionalized AuNPs (Au-PEIs) are have potent as positively charged gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) for nano-medicinal applications, due to their cationic surfaces that promote cellular uptake and gene transfection. 1-6 1-6 1-61-6 Au-PEIs can be prepared by one of two methods: (1) ligand modification (exchange or co-attachment) of AuNPs and PEI, and (2) reduction of AuIII ions in the presence of PEI. Herein, the ligand exchanged Au-PEIs (Au- PEI[LE]s) and the materials by reduction (Au-PEI[Red]s) were prepared from citrate-stabilized AuNPs (10 nm, nominal) and HAuCl4, respectively. We demonstrate differentiated product formation via each synthetic route and their discriminated physico-chemical properties by systematic examination. The physico-chemical properties and the conjugation mechanisms of Au- PEI[LE] and Au-PEI[Red] were characterized by orthogonal analyses system. Furthermore, the colloidal stabilities of all produced Au-PEIs were investigated under various physiologically relevant conditions and shown that the consequential fates of Au-PEIs were dependent on born pathways significantly. We found that some of Au-PEIs showed outstanding stability in certain circumstances which is very critical to be a drug carrier in nanomedicine.
Proceedings Title
The TechConnect Briefs
Conference Dates
June 17-19, 2019
Conference Location
Boston, MA
Conference Title
TechConnect World Innovation Conference 2019


"gold nanoparticles", "polyethyleneimine", "PEI", "gold PEI conjugates", "positively charged", "synthesis", "characterization", "stability"
Created June 17, 2019, Updated August 29, 2019