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Directional Solidification in a AgCuSn Eutectic Alloy



Robert J. Schaefer, D J. Lewis


An experimental study of microstructures in a directionally solidified, near-eutectic solder Ag-Cu-Sn alloy has been completed. This material is an important candidate for use as a lead-free solder, and the studies show the origin and velocity dependence of some of the microstructures seen in solder joints. Quantitative sterelogy and microstructural observation were completed for directional solidification experiments where the sample was moved through a gradient furnace at velocities between 0.826 and 500 um/s.
Journal of Electronic Materials


directional solidification, eutectic, lead-free solder


Schaefer, R. and Lewis, D. (2008), Directional Solidification in a AgCuSn Eutectic Alloy, Journal of Electronic Materials (Accessed May 20, 2024)


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Created October 16, 2008