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Direct Preparation of Particles From Liquid Suspension for ESEM or SEM Analysis



Scott A. Wight, Richard D. Holbrook


A simplified method for the preparation of particles from liquid suspensions has been developed. Particles are deposited directly on carbon planchets for rapid analysis by environmental scanning electron microscopy or by conventional scanning electron microscopy after an additional drying step. This is accomplished by filtering the liquid through thin carbon wafers or planchets. Three different materials were investigated for their suitability as the source material for these planchets. The fine grain, extruded graphite was chosen for its filtering speed and the superfine, isotropic pressed and purified graphite was chosen for having the best surface for imaging particles. This technique is demonstrated with two real world applications, particles in hydraulic fluid and aquatic suspended particulate material from a water source.
Journal of Microscopy-Oxford
No. 1


carbon, filter, particle, planchet, sample prep, SEM


Wight, S. and Holbrook, R. (2005), Direct Preparation of Particles From Liquid Suspension for ESEM or SEM Analysis, Journal of Microscopy-Oxford (Accessed April 14, 2024)
Created October 1, 2005, Updated February 19, 2017