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The Digital NIST: Challenges And Opportunities in the Digital Transformation of NIST's Reference Materials



William Dinis Camara, Steven J. Choquette, Katya Delak, Robert Hanisch, Benjamin Long, Melissa M. Phillips, Jared Ragland, Kate Rimmer


Early in 2022 NIST embarked on a pilot project to produce digital calibration reports and digital certificates of analysis for reference materials. The goal of the project is to produce a few examples of digital reports and certificates for the purpose of assessing the scope and challenges of digital transformation in those particular measurement services. This presentation is focused on the Reference Material Certificate effort of the pilot project. Our aims for this part of the pilot project are to generate a digital Reference Material Certificate from certification data, descriptive information about the material, and other data and metadata as needed, to generate a human-readable report from the digital Reference Material Certificate; and to hold a workshop to gather stakeholder feedback. The challenges for NIST include the diverse and complex information presently contained in NIST certificates, converting values to non-SI units to match the needs of stakeholders, and the updates to NIST Reference Material Certificates to allow for machine generation. Other practical challenges include the wide variety of Reference Materials offered by NIST, as well as the needs of internal and external stakeholders. This presentation will report on the progress of the NIST effort and discuss some of the challenges and solutions to producing Digital Reference Material Certificates.


digital transformation, digital Reference Materials, DRMC, digital SI, DCC


Camara, W. , Choquette, S. , Delak, K. , Hanisch, R. , Long, B. , Phillips, M. , Ragland, J. and Rimmer, K. (2023), The Digital NIST: Challenges And Opportunities in the Digital Transformation of NIST's Reference Materials, ACTA IMEKO, [online],, (Accessed April 17, 2024)
Created March 30, 2023