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Diffusional Creep: Stresses and Strain Rates in Thin films and Multilayers



Daniel Josell, Timothy P. Weihs, H Gao


In this article, we discuss creep deformation as it relates to thin films and multilayer foils. We begin by reviewing experimental techniques for studying creep deformation in thin-film geometries, listing the pros and cons of each; then we discuss the use of deformation-mechanism maps for recording and understanding observed creep behavior. We include a number of cautionary remarks regarding the impact of microstructural stability, zero-creep stresses, and transient-creep strains on stress-strain rate relationsips, and we finish by reviewing the current state of knowledge for creep deformation in thin films. This includes both films that are heated on substrates as well as multilayer films that are tested are as freestanding foils.
Mrs Bulletin


diffusional creep, mechanical properties, thin films


Josell, D. , Weihs, T. and Gao, H. (2008), Diffusional Creep: Stresses and Strain Rates in Thin films and Multilayers, Mrs Bulletin (Accessed April 12, 2024)
Created October 16, 2008