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Differential Scattering Dynamics of F + CH4 -> HF(v,J) + CH3 Via High-Resolution IR Laser Dopplerimetry



W W. Harper, S A. Nizkorodov, David Nesbitt


Produce recoil data from F+ CH4 -> HF(v,J)+ CH3 reactive scattering are obtained using crossed supersonic jets and narrow band (δv = 0.0001cm-1) IR laser direct absorption techniques. The high resolution IR profiles of HF(V,J) product exhibit extensive Doppler broadening that directly reflects quantum state-resolved translational distributions in the laboratory frame under single collision conditions. Analysis of Doppler profiles via singular value decomposition (SVD) methods yield information on state-resolved differential cross sections into the HF (v= I ) and HF (v=2) vibrational manifolds, which identify a propensity for forward/backward scattering (Icos(O)l nearly equal to} 1) vs. side scattering (Icos(O)l nearly equal to} 0) inthe center-of-mass frame.
Chemical Physics Letters
No. 5


dynamics, hydrogen abstraction, reactive scattering


Harper, W. , Nizkorodov, S. and Nesbitt, D. (2001), Differential Scattering Dynamics of F + CH<sub>4</sub> -> HF(v,J) + CH<sub>3</sub> Via High-Resolution IR Laser Dopplerimetry, Chemical Physics Letters (Accessed March 2, 2024)
Created February 28, 2001, Updated October 12, 2021