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Dielectric Function of Wurtzite GaN and AIN Thin Films



L X. Benedict, Eric L. Shirley, T Wethkamp, K Wilmers, C Cobet, N Esser, W Richter, M Cardona


We present measurements and calculations of the dielectric function of wurtzite GaN and AIN. Spectroscopic ellipsometry was used to determine ε (omega) of thin film samples in the energy range from 3 eV to 9.8 eV. Calculations of ε (omega) for the bulk materials were performed within a first-principles electronic structure scheme that includes the electron-hole interaction. The agreement between experiment and theory is dramatically improved over previous work, a result of improvements in both sample quality and theoretical description. The predicted polarization dependence of the dielectric function of these materials exhibits features similar to those in other wurtzite structure materials.
Solid State Communications
No. 3


AIN, dielectric function, experiment, GaN, theory, thin film


Benedict, L. , Shirley, E. , Wethkamp, T. , Wilmers, K. , Cobet, C. , Esser, N. , Richter, W. and Cardona, M. (2021), Dielectric Function of Wurtzite GaN and AIN Thin Films, Solid State Communications (Accessed April 21, 2024)
Created October 12, 2021